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Three photographs by JackFritscher in:

The Big Penis Book, edited by Dian Hanson, Taschen GmbH, Cologne, Germany, 2008, 385 pages

In this huge book, which is twelve inches square and weighs seven pounds at nearly 400 pages, Jack Fritschers three photographs include two of his model Mike Welder in black-and-white, and one shot of a CHP cop in color: Mike Welder: Big Dick, page 10, before the title page; CHP Cop in Helmet, page 336; and Mike Welder: Biceps, page 344.

The Mike Welder images are from the photo series that director Fritscher shot while filming the Palm Drive Video feature, Muscle Mechanic Mike Welder. Because Mike Welderwas famously censored in the United Kingdom, a single frame of Welder was published as Exhibit A in fighting censorship in Index on Censorship for Free Expression, Vol 28 No. 6 Nov/Dec 1999.

In her Acknowledgments on page 385, editor Dian Hanson thanked Fritscher for personally introducing her to his longtime friend David Hurles aka Old Reliable who was first published by Fritscher, the editor in chief of Drummer, in Drummer 20 (January 1978) whereby Hurles became a member of the Drummer Salon of artists and writers. After much of his commercial success was drained by the street hustlers he photographed, Hurles beat a retreat from his foreclosed mansion to a wretched studio apartment in Hollywood where he hid from nearly everyone. Fritscher convinced him to answer his door, to let Hanson in, and to trust her. The timing was almost too close for comfort. Shortly after Hanson collected many original prints from Hurles, he suffered a disabling stroke and was moved into institutionalized care where Hanson magnanimously proceeded to watch out for his personal and artistic welfare.

In 2007, David Hurles, noting the magazine where his work was discovered, wrote one of his last essays, A Thousand Light Years Ago: Drummer, as an Introduction to Fritschers leather art history book, Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer - A Memoir of the Sex, Art, Salon, Pop Culture War, and Gay History of Drummer Magazine (2008)

Some of the photographers included: Craig Calvin Anderson of Sierra Domino Studio, Jim French of Colt Studio, Jack Fritscher of Palm Drive Video Studio, David Hurles of Old Reliable Studio, Dennis Forbes under his anagramFred Bisonnes of Falcon Studio, Bob Mizer of Athletic Model Guild Studio (AMG), Mike Arlen of Mike Arlen Guys, and Hal Roth of Filmco Studios.
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