with Interior Photographs by

FUR: The Love of Hair
by Ron J. Suresha and Scott McGillivray

Five photographs by Jack Fritscher in:

Fur: The Love of Hair, by Ron J. Suresha and Scott McGillivray, Bruno Gmunder Verlag GmbH, Berlin, Germany, 2012, 255 pages.

Appearing throughout this book showcasing fifty-three photographers and artists, Jack Fritschers five photographs include the two black-and-white pictures, Big Bruno from director Fritschers Palm Drive Video feature, Big Brun; and Redneck Cowboy from Fritschers Palm Drive Video, Redneck Cowboy: Hellbent for Leather. Statistically, long-time magazine editor Fritscher is the oldest photographer among the fifty-three contributors by an average of thirty years.

His three color photographs are: 1. Booted Bear, the original nude photograph first published, with the nudity shadowed, on the cover of the first anthology of bear fiction, edited by Mark Hemry, Tales from the Bear Cult (2001); 2. New Orleans Bear in a Bath Tub; and 3. Hairy Cowboy from Fritschers western series published on the cover of Bunkhouse #10 (Spring 1996), with an interior six-page color spread of eleven Fritscher photographs of the same model.

Some of the fifty-three contributors included: Rex, Michael Kirwan, Jack Fritscher, Bearfighter, Bear Films, Tom Bianchi, Mack, Exterface, Damian Day, Gengorah Tagame, Angel Colon, Inked Kenny, Chris Ferreira, Blade T. Bannon, Simon/Brute by Simon, Douglas James Dick, Jonathan Gati, Ivan y Gabo, and Patrick Mettraux.
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