with Interior Drawing by

PETITE MORT: Recollections of a Queer Public
by Joshua Lubin-Levy and Carlos Motta

One drawing by Jack Fritscher in:
Petite Mort: Recollection of a Queer Public, edited by Joshua Lubin-Levy and Carlos Motta,
published by Forever & Today, Inc. New York, 2011, 169 pages.

This limited edition art book of five hundred copies features drawings of public places in Manhattan where the artists had public sex. It includes one pencil drawing by Jack Fritscher titled “24 Bond Street: When Mapplethorpe and I Were Lovers,” depicting the front door of Robert Mapplethorpe’s 1970s home and studio. (Pages 78 and 79)

There are two captions inside the drawing. The first reads: “Heading Upstairs to His Loft, 24 Bond Street, Mapplethorpe and I Had Sex on His Doorstep, 1978,” and is collaged with four small red hearts marking the spot. The second is an homage that reads: “Patti Smith Was Here.” © 2013 Mark Hemry

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Copyright 2007 by Jack Fritscher, Ph.D. & Mark Hemry - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED