with Interior Photographs of and by


Part 2: The Future Lasts Forever
Edited by Chuck Mobley

Two photographs by Jack Fritscher, with a Mapplethorpe portrait of Jack Fritscher, in:

An Autobiography of the San Francisco Bay Area: Part 2, The Future Lasts Forever,
edited by Chuck Mobley, published by SF Camerawork, San Francisco, 2010, 61 pages.

The catalog was published in association with the exhibition An Autobiography of the San Francisco Bay Area, Part 1; Part 2, The Future Lasts Forever, January 7 - April 17, 2010, curated by SF Cameraworks Chuck Mobley. Among the thirty-seven artists included in the book are photographers Jack Fritscher, Robert Mapplethorpe, Charles Gatewood, Kevin Killian, Peter Berlin, Lou Thomas, and Victor Arimondi. Fritschers two 1978 photographs, produced by Mark Hemry, document the interior of San Franciscos legendary fisting palace, the Catacombs (page 33). From a shoot permitted exclusively to Fritscher by Catacombs founder Steve MacEachern, the photographs were first published in a series of twelve frames in Drummer magazine (issue 23, July 1978), with Drummer editor in chief Fritscher pseudonymously billing himself because of in-house politics as Larry Olson.

Mapplethorpes photographs include the first publication of his portrait of Jack Fritscher (1979), courtesy of the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation (page 32). In Mobleys catalog, Fritscher also authored a short history of the gay photography he published in Drummer magazine, the Rosetta Stone of gay-male photography. (Pages 56 and 57).
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