SKIN Magazine

Blue Bullet Volume 1
No. 1

"The Princeton Rub"

No. 2

"In Praise of Fuckabilly Butt"
"Mike: Solo" later revised as "San Francisco's Finest: Office Mike Leonardi"

No. 3

"Interview with Filmmaker J. Brian: Boys for Hire"

No. 4

"Foreskin Forever: I'm a Sucker for Uncut Meat"

No. 5

"My First Time: Paying for Hustler Sex"
"AMG Studios: Who's Who in American Chicken, Veal, and Beef:
"Old Reliable: The Company That Dirty Talk Built (An Interview with David Hurles)"

No. 6

"The Gay Garbo: An Interview with Filmstar Peter Berlin"
"Rex and REXWERK: An Interview/Review of the Drawings by Rex"
"A. Jay's Comic Stripping: An Interview with Al Shapiro"

Blue Bullet Volume 3
No. 1

"Muscleman Sex"

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