Jack Fritscher wrote 40 interviews, articles, erotic book reviews, and fiction pieces over an 18-month period for this highly successful San Francisco/Bay Area straight tabloid. He usually did custom-writing to a photocopied set of already-purchased photos or drawings, or simply to a concept or title.

Sample Titles:
  • "Water Sports Ritual Club"
  • "George Hester: The Classic Nude"
  • "Direct Your Own Sex Play"
  • "Love-Starved Nurses"
  • "Helmut Newton's White Women"
  • "Chain Gang Fantasy"
  • "Playing Girl Scout Games"
  • "The Thrill of Bondage"
  • "Nude Beach/West Dreams"
  • "Love Temples: Tax-Deductible Sex"
  • "Nurses Who Play Doctor"
  • "Anything for a Buck (Interview with a Working Girl)"
  • "Fit to Be Tied (Parts 1 and 2)"
  • "Peaches and Cream"
  • "SF-Vegas Sex Connection"
  • "Junk Yard Women"
  • "Double Your Pleasure (3-Way Sex)"
  • "Exotic Erotic Ball: Wild Bay Area Parties"
  • "Two Women in Love"
  • "The Family That Plays Together"
  • "Cake Batter Wrestling"
  • "Brothels of Nevada"

  • Copyright 2007 by Jack Fritscher, Ph.D. & Mark Hemry - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED