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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                  1

                Drummer’s Institutional Memory
                               Mark Hemry, Editor

                            “The past is a foreign country . . . ”
                            — L. P. Hartley, The Go-Between

                        “What happened in 1977 could fill a book.
                                We hired A. Jay’s friend
                            Jack Fritscher as editor in chief...”
                      — John Embry, founding publisher of Drummer,
                   Drummer 188 (September 1995), 20th Anniversary Issue

                •   The Drummer Salon: A Gathering of the Right People in
                    the Right Place at the Right Time
                •   Leather Heritage, History, Legacy, and Narrative Timeline
                •   Drummer’s Institutional Memory: Robert Mapplethorpe
                    and Edward Lucie-Smith
                •   Rashomon and The Alexandria Quartet
             Jack Fritscher, the founding San Francisco editor in chief of Drummer
             magazine, met John Embry, the founding Los Angeles publisher, in March
             1977, and worked with him, and observed him, during nearly thirty years,
             including three years as editor in chief and for twenty years after their
             Drummer partnership, writing for Embry’s twenty-first-century maga-
             zines Manifest Reader, Manhood Rituals, and Super MR.
                In 1986, as Anthony F. DeBlase was purchasing  Drummer  from
             Embry, he asked Fritscher to return as editor in chief. As an alternative,
             Fritscher continued to contribute writing, photographs, and issue themes
             to Drummer, even after DeBlase sold the magazine in 1992 to Martijn
             Bakker,  the publisher from Amsterdam  who shut  Drummer  down  in
                Only two people were editor in chief of Drummer: Jeanne Barney and
             Jack Fritscher.
                I myself have been an eyewitness of Fritscher and Drummer since
             1979. In fact, I met Fritscher at the precise moment in May 1979 when he
             had edited half the Drummer issues in existence.
                Fritscher was the marquee editor in chief of Drummer for thirty-two
             intense and seminal months: March 1977 to December 31, 1979. During

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