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4                                       Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            degrees of separation. He dramatizes how his four characters can experi-
            ence the same thing and come away with contradictory truths. The Alex-
            andria Quartet adds a quantum time-folding twist to Rashomon. Besides
            each  Durrell  character  having  his
            or her own point of view, each over
            time is changing his or her point of
            view. How very like us survivors of
            the Titanic 70s after the iceberg of
               In August 1963, while wait-
            ing near a military hospital for his
            first nephew to be born in Wash-
            ington,  DC, Fritscher re-read  The
            Alexandria Quartet in Alexandria,
               “It was one Alexandria,” he
            said, “of the several which Durrell
            recommended as ideal places to read
            his Quartet.”
               Fritscher completed the four
            books, Justine, Balthazar, Mountol-
            ive, and Clea before and after par-  “Bull Rider Mark Hemry,” Gay Rodeo,
            ticipating in Martin Luther King,   Reno, 1979. Photograph by Jack Fritscher.
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            Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” March on
               On July 31, 1990, The Advocate published a review of Some Dance
            to Remember. Reviewer David Perry cheered the sweep and scope of that
            memoir-novel. I quote it here because Perry’s description of that book
            aptly describes the scope of Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer.

               For 562 pages, the 51-year-old author lays out stories from what
               he calls the Castro’s Golden Age (1970-1982) in the recently
               released novel, Some Dance to Remember. Heady, erotic, comic,
               and often boggling for the sheer weight of information it con-
               tains, Fritscher’s novel is the first comprehensive fictional chron-
               icle of the best of times bleeding into the worst.

               Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer is a kind of oral history told
            by a seanachie who repeats bits that reveal more with each telling. (A
            seanachie is an Irish storyteller, a keeper of the village tales.) Fritscher, a
            wordsmith with ancestral blood roots in Ireland, knows his way around a

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