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292                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.

             “Dore Street, Earthquake, 1906,” site of the fabled Dore Alley Street Fair, between 9
             and 10  streets, SoMa. Gay culture South of Market was built on quivering fill. In
             1989, the Loma Prieta earthquake destroyed the Drummer office, and, in effect, the
             Drummer business whose coup de grace came from the Internet.
            San Francisco, April 25, 1906

            Dear Benny,

            It’s yer old (ha ha) pal Jimmy writin you from General Deliv-
            ery in Frisco. Where  you might of heard back in St Louie
            we had a little earthquake on my birthday Wednesday last.
            What a way to turn 19 (ha ha). No birthday cake for me like
            the one we had two years ago when we had that special birthday
            party at the St Louie World’s Fair before I lit out for Frisco
            on the train. I ain’t forgot what we did. Sorry I ain’t writ you
            much but I bin thinkin about you, &, pal o mine, I wish you
            were here, but I’m glad yer not. What I seen in the last week
            could break a man’s heart. This whole city it ain’t gone, but
            sorely wounded. Ma Sloat’s boardin house where I live is all
            gone down South of the Slot an so is all the buildins South
            of the Slot. It’s all us workin men down here an pore families
            because nice San Franciscans never cross South of the Slot in
            Market Street. Remember I toll you last letter that the cable
            car slot ran down the center of Market Street from the Ferry

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