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324                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            II.  The feature essay as published in Drummer 16, June 1977,
               Second Anniversary Issue

            Body Worship, Submerged in Sex . . .

                        Tom Hinde Portfolio
                               The Artist Speaks
                       by Tom Hinde with Jack Fritscher

            Mr. Hinde was born in San Francisco and was raised in Mill Valley,
            California, and in the Napa Valley, north of the San Francisco Bay Area.
            He has studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute, College of Marin,
            St. Mary’s College, and the University of California Extension Center,
            San Francisco. His training includes lithography, etching, silk screen,
            painting (oil), landscape, and portraiture with major emphasis upon life
            drawing and the human form. His current medium is graphite and pencil,
            turpentine washes, and pastel. His subject matter of sex, language, and
            worship can best be summed up in his own words.

            I once saw an alley cat in heat, spread eagle on a concrete walkway between
            my house and the place next door. looking over the fence I saw her lying
            flat on her belly with her rear sticking up in the air, her tail whipping from
            one side to the other. her front claws dug into the concrete path pulling at
            it. gathering in the alley were several toms [Tom’s own multiple personas]
            fighting with each other over who would mount her first. four of them
            fucked her savagely and with each thrust she backed farther against that
            captor mating as violently as she could; she didn’t care who screwed her
            or how many times each one did. she simply lay there howling for more
            and wanting no pause between shifts.
               man as animal, like that alley cat or a bull wild in his mating; man
            mounting man, the spirit all carnal. man feeling his body, not thinking,
            enjoying his instincts as he submits to his body, freeing that animal to
            act: to taste ass, cock, sweat, to slap, kiss, grunt, to fart, to fuck, to eat
            cock, to rim, to howl, to cry. the power enjoyed while controlling another
            body — whether fucking it, beating it, tying it down, or stringing it up.
            the joy of surrender. the celebration of the animal in man.
               I draw people who are human, people completely submerged in their
            sex with bodies which are real, faces filled with feeling, playing with
            other bodies, bare expressions which are quite direct. in the intensity of

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