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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                 325
             this specific sexual language no thought is paid to any reality outside
             of the immediate. no value exists except the desirability of each body
             involved and the pride in which each person offers himself. “I am a man,”
             his actions say, and as a man, he kneels or boastfully stands to take the
             pleasure he wants.
                it is within this context, this personal climate that I draw my subject
             for it is here that a man lies exposed, his feelings expanded and open,
             his senses ignoring all caution or censure. the reverence demonstrated
             and acknowledged when one kneels before another “giving head or ass
             or body” is an act done in worship of the body. the cooperation between
             each person involved, seeking a common end produces that intensity
             experienced in their moments of climax; both work towards it, each one
             prodding the other on with a kiss or his hand. the reverence, the coop-
             eration, the language, and each mood of this communication is what I
             acknowledge with my drawing. the dignity of those touches, and their
             intimacy, is worthy of respect.
                 — Thomas G. Hinde, May 24, 1977

             III. Eyewitness

              Invitation, Tom Hinde Preview
              Party, Fey-Way Studios, 1978.
              Self-portrait by Tom Hinde.

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