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326                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.

            Top: Tom Hinde self-portrait business card 1970s. Bottom: Cover of paperback novel
            illustrated and published by Tom Hinde who was most likely also the author under the
            pseudonym of “Robert Stewart.” In the 1970s, especially in gay publishing such as Drum-
            mer, authors and artists often had several alternative names. The desire was to make a few
            seem like many to gain business status for the publication by giving the impression that
            a large staff —and not just one or two dedicated people—had created the book or maga-
            zine. Drummer publisher John Embry frequently removed Jack Fritscher’s byline because,
            Embry said, “It looks like you’re writing the whole damn issue.”  As a result, Fritscher often
            assigned the credit for his own writing and photography solely to his domestic lover of ten
            years, David Sparrow, and to his longtime friend, David Hurles.

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