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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                327

              Invitation, Fey-Way Studios, group show, First Anniversary, March 3, 1979, drawing
              by Camille O’Grady. During the inclusivity of the Titanic 1970s, before the iceberg of
              the gay gender wars, women and men mixed together in the art and life of SoMa. Rob-
              ert Opel paired with Camille O’Grady. Steve McEachern of the Catacombs paired with
              Cynthia Slater of the Society of Janus. Robert Mapplethorpe paired with Patti Smith,
              but did not bring her to San Francisco where she would have been prima inter pares. The
              artists listed were: “Camille O’Grady, Gill Mann, Tom, Jim Stewart, Jonni Marchant,
              Lionel Biron, Rick Borg, Lou Rudolph, Gordon Pollock, Christina McCabe, Michael
              Drew, Kent, Stryder, The Hun, Larry Hunt, Tom Hinde, Mark Kadota, Robert Opel.”

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