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Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer                441

             Two posters by Etienne for the Gold Coast bar, Chicago. Top right: The inscription is
             to Tony Tavarossi from Etienne, and in Etienne’s hand reads: “For Tony—Fondness &
             Hickeys [sic]. —Etienne (Dom).” The poster itself was a gift from Tavarossi to Fritscher.
             Used with permission of Chuck Renslow and the Leather Archives &Museum.
             Longtime Fritscher intimate,
             Lou Thomas, co-founder of
             Colt Studio, founded Target
             Studio and was quintessen-
             tial in creating the  Drum-
             mer  look. He and Fritscher
             worked together on several
             projects: photography, writ-
             ing for the Target Album, and
             the private publication of
             Fritscher’s 1969 novel, I Am
             Curious (Leather) aka Leather
             Blues. Lou Thomas shot the
             covers of  Drummer  13 and
             Drummer  14,  and his  work
             continued to appear inside
             Drummer long after his death
             January 7, 1990.

             Out of the salon around
             Drummer,  Lou  Thomas
             presented the triumvirate of
             Etienne, A. Jay, and Fritscher.

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