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484                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            The Shaft is an amazing two-story maze of rooms, stairways, toilets, clos-
            ets, hallways, bathtubs, gloryholes, and sex equipment. Light varies from
            shadows to darkness. Men sit, stand, kneel, hang, crawl, drink, and eat.
            After midnight: something for everyone. The music is truly weird, but
            played low enough not to cover the slurps, moans, whippings, and piss
               Anything you can fantasize is available somewhere in The Mineshaft
            which is not for those with low Fantasy Quotients. The Shaft now offers a
            “School for Lower Education” to aid men in their descent. Currently, an
            M.D., a psychiatrist, and a psychologist are needed to conduct the timid
            through courses geared to release their inhibitions. Dial 924-4978.
               The Mineshaft is the pits. In the best sense. The Shaft is no place to
            take your daytime identity. The Shaft is the place of the night-time ID.
            Abandon inhibition all ye who enter here. Any joint up front enough to
            advertise SUNDAYS ARE FOR SLUMMING, you can figure goes all
            the way down on Friday and Saturday nights. The Shaft is true raunch.
               Besides the variety of body types, the New York attitude, the films,
            the genuinely far-out trips, and all the gimmicks any good bar exploits
            to jazz up a cooking atmosphere, the best thing at The Mineshaft is the
            men who make it go: Wally Wallace, Bruce, and Bob. They really care
            about your safety inside the oasis they have created. Clothes checking is
            totally safe; members have special valuables envelopes which are placed in
            a newly fire-proofed safe. The current newsletter, in fact, is full of sensible
            advice on how to keep Mr. Goodbar out of The Mineshaft and out of your
            life. So if you don’t live in The Big Apple, but still want a hot trip, rest
            assured inside The Mineshaft everything is cool. (Outside, remember to
            take a taxi.)

            The essence of The Mineshaft is found in page after page of Rex’s draw-
            ings in Icons and Mannespielen. If you get off on Rex, you’ll like The
            Mineshaft and you’ll understand why The Shaft chose him to design its
            1978 poster and T-shirt. Rex epitomizes in his work the concept of The
            Mineshaft man.

            Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday 10 pm-6 am
            Thursday Happy-Hour Prices 5 pm-9 pm
            Thursday Evening Hours 9 pm-6 am
            Friday (Everything Goes) 10 pm-9 am

          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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