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538                                     Jack Fritscher, Ph.D.
            the gay pride parade, “diversity politics” removes focus from the “same-
            sex principle of like seeks like” which is the only defining absolute for
            homosexuality. Does this change the focus, and rather much mandate
            and presume that all gays are leftists bound to accept any behavior and
            any character who attaches to the gay movement?
               For this reason, when I set out to define the Titanic 70s culture in the
            Drummer novel, Some Dance to Remember, I mixed the sports metaphor
            into the sex games and brought in bodybuilding as the gayest sport of all
            because of its esthetic, philosophical, and theological implications. Body
            sculpting is about physical beauty as the base for spiritual beauty in the
            way Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote that “grace builds on nature.” There
            is not a tribe on earth that does not believe that the more perfect one’s
            body, the greater the capacity for grace, for love, for happiness, and for
            reproducing one’s DNA. Plato himself believed in the perfect statue as
            the perfect form of the perfect man or the perfect woman. Has anyone in
            Western Culture recently looked at its “main art image” of a handsome,
            muscular, thirtysomething blue-collar carpenter Christ hung sculpted on
            the cross like a Calvin Klein gymnast on Olympic rings? The absolutely
            essential “Gay Sports” plot line of Some Dance is about a bodybuilder
            and an average-body gay man whose esthetic, theological, and political
            quest pursues the perfect body the way the Hispanic Man of La Mancha
            pursues “The Impossible Dream” in his Ideal Woman. This is lust, but
            could this be Fascism? Well, yeah, it could be. Maybe. Maybe not. Is
            Schwarzenegger’s ideal body a Fascist expression learned from his Nazi
            father? Is the ideal Colt model Fascistic? Is the whole existence and popu-
            larity of Colt Studios, featured in early Drummer, Fascistic or the Platonic
            Ideal? Was the soon-to-be Colt model I shot for the cover of Drummer
            25 Fascistic? Colt renamed him “Ed Dinakos” which I always thought
            was the clumsiest porn name in history, but when I shot him, his ethnic
            name was Michael Glassman. I further enjoined “the Fascist question” by
            putting a photograph of a statue of the boxer Primo Carnera — lensed by
            photographer George Mott at Mussolini’s Foro Italico — on the cover of
            the first edition of Some Dance to Remember.
               In that novel-memoir, I made dramatically certain that the protago-
            nist gets what’s coming to him, and that the antagonist gets what he
            deserves. That’s the point of art for art’s sake. I am not a moralist such as
            the politically correct would have artists be. In this case, as an artist who
            is a writer — which is different than simply being a writer, I wanted to do
            more than moralize and entertain. I wanted to outrage the self- satisfied
            status quo of the sissy-establishment with its gay agenda to program young
            gay hearts and minds through the endlessly effeminate gay press such as
            The Advocate or The Bay Area Reporter or a dozen other publications.

          ©Jack Fritscher, Ph.D., All Rights Reserved—posted 05-05-2017
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