A Novel by
Jack Fritscher

Orginally published as I Am Curious (Leather), this exquisitely crafted 1968 novel of initiation into bikes, leather, S&M, and man-to-man sex pulls no punches when Denny Sargent begins the Inferno rites of passage all men must courageously endure to seal their special male bonding. Leather Blues is an intimately sophisticated odyssey of hard balling sex, of untender mercies, and of the night-hawks men call "Riders on the Storm."
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Originally written in 1968 and first published with its original title I Am Curious (Leather) in 1972 by publisher Lou Thomas of Target Studio, New York, this novel, later advertised as "a forth-coming Drummer novel," was published in part under its original title in Son of Drummer 1978. It was completely serialized in Man2Man magazine in 1980. In 1984, with its new title, Leather Blues was published by Winston Leyland, Gay Sunshine Press, San Francisco, with a cover drawn by Rex. This edition sold out at 10,000 copies.

Leather historian and critic David Stein wrote: that "Leather Blues is...terse and concentrated....Leather Blues distills the 1960s leather-biker-outlaw sex scene in just 91 memorable pages....Fritscher, one of the great Drummer magazine editors, seems to have been everywhere and done everyone during the 'good old days' of leather culture." --History of Our Leather-S/M-Fetish Subculture


Jack Fritscher is a poet of porn...
BAY AREA REPORTER, December 13, 1984, Joseph D. Butkie

Jack Fritscher is an anarchist of gay sexual prose.... Fritscher has roamed the furthest corners of sexuality, and can lead you on head trips unequaled by any other gay writer....
BAY AREA REPORTER, June 27, 1985, John F. Karr

Fritscher...he's at his best in his erotic, inventive use of language....
GMSMA NEWS, August 1985 Thor Stockman


Cover drawing by REX and REXWERKS
ISBN 1-890834-27-0

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