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Love and Death in Tennessee Williams by Jack Fritscher
Research Note: This is the first doctoral dissertation written on Tennessee Williams.

Love and Death in Tennessee Williams. Jack Fritscher, Ph.D. 1968. "This is a full book made available to read online. It has huge amounts of depth and is very credible because of its sources and author. The book looks at many different themes such as love, death, religion, and the American dream across all of Williams's novels. Be warned, this is very high level reading." 
--- Critical Response (Criticism and Analysis) posted by "Gale Resources." Gale is a global leader in education, learning, and research resources online

New York Art Theatre, Playbill, September 11, 2001:
Jack Fritscher Essay Introducing Tennessee Williams's "Something Cloudy, Something Clear."

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Modern Drama,
13, pp. 201-215, 1970

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Jack Fritscher Quoted within Academia on Tennessee Williams

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